Who we are?

Daniel Herfort, Founder and Leader of the Pack started the journey right after finishing school with final exams in 2009. It was a straight and definetly not planned path to where we are today. In the middle of the global financial crisis the big player Apple came up to ask for being one of the youngest and also one among only about 250 Apple Certified Trainers for IT purpose worldwide. After taking every exam and hurdle possible the next milestone was reached in 2012 where m:academy IT consulting opened the first Apple Authorized Training Centre in the south of Austria, Graz.

The years flew by and m:academy had opened two training centres by 2015 in Graz - equiped with high end machines. By 2016 when Apple changed its way to deliver training directly the contract was eliminated and m:academy by then designed and sold own courses. On one hand we sold custom fit courses for Top 500 companies, on the other hand we still sold standard courses provided to us earlier. This should have gone on until 2021.

The radical change 2021 - the awakening

Already by the year 2017 we got our guard dog called Ylvi who was about to protect the customer equipment in our it workshop in our office. Over the years she got well trained, we went with her to exhibitions for advertising purpose as well as to make her a fully certified working and breeding dog.

By the year 2021 everything should be changed - let it be the pandemia or other circumstances, but this radical change made up to be the best in the existence of m:academy since 2009. We hired the best staff to engage with our plans, make designs, homepages, re-engage contacts with other wolf-owners and by mid of 2022 after investing a ton the all new Lunar Lupus Organisation finally was all awakened and ready for adventures to come and hurdles to take.