From Wolves and Computers
to the edge of your mind.

We are not only working with precious animals and people,
we are giving always the best from the bottom of our heart.

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Our Organisation

Lunar Lupus consists out of the following business sectors.

Lupetti IT services -
Being the first business that established in 2009 we are still
serving lots of companies doing IT consulting and holistic
IT services and conceptual work.

Lunar Lupus Consulting -
We are respresenting the idea of business consulting as a
holistic and natural concept that will help companies work
together more like a pack than a rack.

Lunar Lupus Filmwolves -
Our Filmwolves are working in nearly every sector of
entertainment and infotainment business as well as commercials.
Take a closer look behind the scenes ;)

macademy -
m:academy still offers reliable IT training and course
design for national and international customers, whereas
the delivery of the courses could also be held by one of
our instructors.

Computer Agentur -
We never forgot our heritage and therefore we are happy
to be able to service/repair computers for small businesses and
private personswith our well known and
established brand Computer Agentur.

from Wolfblood -
Informational and emerging business with wolf consulting,
recognized FCI breeder for wolfdogs and a soon to be
shop for merch about our wolves.

Lupetti IT Services

Lupetti IT Services started in 2009 named m:academy IT consulting as a specialized Linux and Apple Service Provider with focus on training and consulting. Now Lupetti IT Services stands for networks and consulting based on heterogenous decisions and holistic ideas.


Lunar Lupus Consulting

Beginning with the Covid-19 Pandemia in March 2020 not only the way of working from home completely changed, also the working together as a team has got new challenges. Based on our own research and our own pack of wolves at home, we developed several seminars and courses to show companies that employees, executive staff and also the guy who just cleans the windows can work together like a pack and not a rack.


Lunar Lupus Filmwolves

Well, there is so much to say about the Filmwolves but also nearly nothing to be covered here in detail, the best is to take a look by yourself on our homepage if you are interested in wolves acting for film and entertainment business.


The Principles of our Organisation


  • Communication

  • Always there

  • DIY

  • Listening

  • Love

  • True

Got an idea for us?

We are always open and up to new things - we listen to you and maybe we can get you settled.